Why Choose Leather Bold When Buying Wallets?

Why Choose Leather Bold When Buying Wallets?

Leather Bold has been producing and selling leather wallets in Turkey for years. Getto Deri (Turkish Brand) has also entered the USA market with the Leather Bold brand. Our company, which has increased its production capacity with serious investment, continues to serve with a wide range of products.

Leather Bold Presents Handmade Wallets

The wallets produced in Turkey are completely handmade. Therefore, they have a high level of quality and elegance. We are a rare business that sells wallets of this quality with the most affordable price policy. Let's also say that handmade wallets are more durable. Discover men wallets now

100% Genuine Leather Wallet

All the wallets we produce are 100% genuine leather. Therefore, they are quite assertive in terms of elegance and durability. There are very serious differences between real and artificial leather. This is very important in terms of the quality and durability of the product you buy. Also do you want to read related post: Differences Between Real Leather And Artificial Leather

The first thing you need to consider when buying a wallet is the leather quality. The leather quality can be an important indicator of how long you can use your wallet. Our wallets are made with top quality 100% genuine leather.

Affordable Price Guarantee

Leather Bold sells its wallets at very affordable prices. We can say that products of similar quality are much more expensive in the market. Our goal is for you to buy the best quality wallet at the most affordable prices.

Top Quality Production

Leather Bold manufactures in its advanced facilities in Turkey. This is an important factor that enables our business to grow rapidly in Turkey. We continue to produce great wallets with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.


Our company, which has been in the sector since 1982, has been selling online since 2015. It responds to all leather-related needs by meeting its customers' firm or personal wholesale and retail production demands. Our company, which acts flawlessly in production, sales and customer satisfaction, continues its way successfully. Our goal is to be among USA's leading wallet vendors. If you want to visit our online sales site in Turkey: Gettoderi.com

Most Preferred Wallet Models


The mechanism has about 5 cards. (Due to the application over time, the felts will fuse with the leather over time to increase the card capacity for stretching and bonding with the tape.)


Phone Size: Compatible with all brands and models up to 16 x 7 cm. You can measure your phone with a ruler or look at its technical information. Compatible with All Brands and Models Phones


Extra removable special design card holder. Has 13/15 Credit Card Capacity (As the leather will soften and stretch over time, card and cash capacity will increase.) 2 Paper Money Section. Handmade Domestic Production.


It is an ideal choice for people with multiple cards.

Secure Payment

We care about your safety. In investments we make in the infrastructure we use, the purchases you make on our website are 100% safe. In addition, we use the world's most preferred e-commerce infrastructure in order to provide ease of use.

Fast shipping - Sturdy Packaging

The products you buy from our site are shipped quickly and delivered to your address. As a cargo company, we work with UPS. We pack all your orders with care and protection. We deliver the products to you perfectly.

All Wallets With 2 Years Warranty

We trust our wallets and offer a 2 year warranty. Our wallets, which are top quality production, will not upset you. However, if a problem occurs, do not hesitate to contact us.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We answer all our customers' questions before and after sales. You can ask us all the questions you are curious about. There is a form for this on each of our product pages. Contact us for general questions. 100% customer satisfaction is our most valuable feature.

Wallet: A Good Choice For Gift

A wallet is a very special gift, especially for men. Gifting a wallet to men on birthdays or special occasions will make them very happy. Wallets that are used constantly and every day are therefore a very important accessory. You can safely order a wallet as a gift on our site.

Gift Wallet Color Selection

You can gift black or brown wallets to men who like classic or simple style. If the gift recipient has a modern style, then you can choose from other colors. For example red or green...

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