Differences Between Real Leather and Artificial Leather

Differences Between Real Leather and Artificial Leather

When it comes to buying leather products, the buyers often try to understand the differences between real leather and artificial leather. While artificial leather might come at more affordable prices, the artificial option is actually not leather. On the other hand, real leather is made out of one type of animal skin. Understanding the differences between these two materials will help the buyers to make a more informed decision. This way the customers can choose real leather for a long-lasting, durable and rich-looking leather good experience. Also, customers will know what type of product they are purchasing and make more informed decisions in their shopping processes. 

What Is Real Leather?

Real leather is the skin of a type of animal which could be cattle, oxen or exotic animals. The top part of the animal’s skin is processed to turn the skin into a product. There are different types of real leather types which are full-grain, top-grain and suede. All of these real leather types are manufactured by using different processes or not using any processing at all. The texture and the feeling of the real leather products will depend on which part of the animal skin is preferred for the leather product. In addition to cattle and oxen skins, exotic animal skins such as snakes or alligators can be preferred to manufacture real leather products. The texture of the exotic animal skin is relatively different from the oxen or cattle skin.

What Is Artificial Leather?

Also known as faux leather, artificial leather is a manmade material that imitates the look and feel of real leather. In most cases, artificial leather is manufactured of some type of plastic material. Polyurethane is the most common material preferred to manufacture this type of product. This material can be a good option for buyers who want to purchase vegan products. No animals are used in the production process of artificial leather and the entire material is a thermoplastic polymer. In addition to buyers, the manufacturers can get a vegan certificate for their products if they choose artificial leather in the manufacturing process.

What Is Bonded Leather?

In addition to real leather and faux leather, there is also another type of leather called bonded leather. Bonded leather is produced by using genuine leather leftovers or wastes and a polyurethane binder. The small real leather pieces are bonded by using the binder and create a larger surface to work with. In addition to the real leather, polyurethane coating might also be added to bonded leather to give it a better texture. This type of material is an alternative for customers who want a real leather product at a more affordable price. Since it is not artificial leather, the bonded leather will last longer than artificial leather products.

The Main Materials of Real Leather and Artificial Leather Are Different

One of the main differences between real leather and artificial leather is the material of the product. Real leather is produced from animal skin while artificial leather is produced from a plastic material. The main composition of these two types of materials will determine whether a product is a real leather or artificial leather. The leather manufacturers must label their leather products depending on the material they have used in the manufacturing process. A leather wallet produced from real leather must bear the mark of real leather. Also, if the men’s leather wallet is produced from artificial leather, the manufacturers must mark it as artificial leather. It is important to be honest with the customers and inform the customers about the products they are purchasing. 

You Can Use Real Leather for Extended Period

When it comes to the differences between real leather and artificial leather, the usage time is also an important factor. Real leather is a more durable material compared to artificial leather. For this reason, it is possible to say that real leather is made to last. Real leather product users can enjoy their products for a longer time compared to artificial leather product users. Also, it is possible to repair the real leather products when they wear off. In fact, this is one of the most important advantages of real leather over artificial leather. Most of the time, the users will throw away the artificial leather product if the product gets damaged. Since products such as leather wallets start to get damaged from their edges due to extensive use, it is not possible to use artificial leather wallets for a long time. In addition to that, repairing an artificial leather product is not possible as well. When this is considered, it can be seen that real leather products can be used for a longer period than artificial leather products.

The Feeling and Smell of the Real Leather Is Unique

One of the most distinguished features of real leather is the feeling and smell of the material. Real leather has a unique smell which cannot be imitated by any other material. In addition to its smell, the real leather has a veiny and grained texture which leaves a pleasant feeling on your fingers. When you touch the real leather, you can easily feel its quality and luxury at the tip of your fingers. On the other hand, artificial leather often has a plastic-like smell. Since the main material of artificial leather is plastic, it is not possible to get rid of this smell even after using the product for a long time. The feeling of artificial leather isn’t as strong and luxurious as real leather. The veins and grains cannot be imitated which leads to the smooth texture that is not related to real leather.

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