How to Clean Leather Wallets

How to Clean Leather Wallets

Leather wallets can get dirty over time. There is no specific reason for your wallet to get dirty. However, a rough-looking leather wallet might not be your ideal choice. When your wallet does not look like when you first bought it, there are some methods you can follow to make it look better. You can use different methods to clean leather wallets which will give your wallet a refreshed look. With the right leather care and cleaning methods, you can use a genuine leather wallet for a long time. Unlike other materials like artificial leather, fabric or plastic, leather is a highly durable material. There is no reason to change your wallet every year when you buy a leather wallet and take care of it properly. 

Care Means Longer Use

One of the most important things you need to know about your leather wallet is that care means longer use. If you skip the leather care routine, your wallet will start to look older and rougher. At this point, you might consider changing your wallet even though your wallet can be saved with proper methods. In addition to that, regular care routines for your wallet will make the wallet’s life longer. Just like all other products you own, you need to be careful about your wallet. You will be carrying your wallet all day long and it is going to be one of the most frequently used products you own. Applying care routines for your most frequently used product will help you to keep it for a longer time.

Try to Handle Your Leather Wallet with Clean Hands

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to how to clean leather wallets is how to handle them. The way you handle your wallet will determine the amount of dust and body oil it will be subjected to. Try to use your wallet with clean hands. The dirt, debris, sweat and oil on your hands might damage the surface of the leather. While the dirt and dust can lead to abrasion on the surface, the oil and sweat will give less shiny colour to your wallet. If you want to take care of your wallet and use it for a long time, try to use it with clean hands.

No Need to Overdo Your Cleaning

Of course, cleaning your wallet is important. But just like everything else, avoid overdoing. Using too many leather cleaning products on your leather wallet might damage it. Also, applying rough cleaning methods will cause micro and macro scratches on the leather’s surface. When you are cleaning your wallet, do not use any kind of bleachers or strong cleaning chemicals. Bleaching will permanently damage your leather wallet and there is no going back if the leather is permanently damaged. 

Avoid Cleaning the Wallet Surface with a Dry Fabric 

You might think of cleaning your leather wallets with a dry fabric. Actually, a dry fabric will only damage the surface of your leather products. Instead, you need to clean the leather surface with a soft and damp cloth. Recently, microfibre clothes became a popular option for cleaning leather products. Since these clothes do not leave any fibre on the cleaned product, they are considered the best option for leather. You can choose one of these clothes and apply a commercial leather care product or DIY leather cleaning product to give a new look to your wallet. 

Keep Your Leather Wallets Away from Moisture

Moisture is the enemy of leather. If your leather wallet gets wait during a rainy day or if you drop your leather wallet in water, you need to take immediate action. Water will be absorbed by the pores of the leather and the leather will start to lose its properties. When your leather wallet contacts water, use a dry cloth to wipe out the excess water. Gently press the cloth on your wallet and let the cloth absorb the excess water. You can repeat this step a couple of times to make sure that your wallet is no longer wet. In addition to water, your wallet might get wet from the sweat on your hands. Just like clean hands, try to use your wallet with dry hands. If your hands are too sweaty or wet, dry your hands with a cloth and handle your wallet after that.

Use Different Leather Care Products

You can clean leather wallets with different products. While there are various commercial leather cleaning product options, you can also benefit from DIY solutions. If you want to clean your leather wallet but do not want to use any commercial cleaning products, some vinegar and water will do the trick. You can mix one teaspoon of vinegar with two glasses of water to obtain your DIY leather cleaning mixture. Then, you can use a soft cloth and dampen the cloth with this mixture. After this step, all you need to do is gently rub your leather wallet with the damp cloth. Try not to soak the cloth with the vinegar and water mixture. Just a small amount of the mixture will do the trick. 

Don’t Wash Your Leather Wallet in the Washing Machine

You might have thought of tossing your leather wallet in the washing machine. Although a washing machine is the easiest way to clean most of your products like shoes, it is not the best option when it comes to leather. Leather is a sensitive material and you need to care for it. Washing your leather wallet in the washing machine will only make things worse. The washing machine will lead to abrasion on the surface of the wallet. Also, the leather material might get damaged due to the high mechanical motion of the machine. Try to clean your leather wallet manually by using the appropriate materials and leather care products. 

The Last Resort Is to Dye Your Leather Wallet

If none of these solutions can clean your leather wallet, the last resort will be to dye the wallet. But you need to be careful about dyeing leather. You need to use high-quality dyes specially manufactured for leather products. Also, you need to prepare the leather surface before you add a new colour. Try to apply multiple layers of dye – preferably two or three – to achieve a vibrant colour.